jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014

Declaracion de Dave Canterbury despues de la misteriosa salida de Cody Lundin...

OKAY-For those who KEEP asking, I will not EVER be doing a show with a network that has control over edit AGAIN, I have my own show that begins airing in July 2014 on Hunt Channel TV Channel 266 Dish, I have total control over filming, production, content, and editing. NO DRAMA just real skills that have been used for hundreds of years. We will walk through history discussing gear, accoutrements, hunting, fishing, trapping, camping and bush crafting as well as survival as we go. Again please DO NOT ask about ANY OTHER survival personality currently working or not working in a show because I will not comment or answer! I believe it is disrespectful and un professional to publicly bash another person in this industry and if I have something nice to say I have probably already said it- There is WAY TOO much drama in this industry that only causes division in what should be a group of folks focused only on learning and passing those experiences to others. I will not get involved in any controversy on any level it is a waste of valuable time that I can spend learning and teaching. I have a YT channel as well with over 900 educational videos you are welcome to come watch for free as well as discussion boards on FB I am very active on for the purposes of learning and teaching. Please respect my request as the more time I spend monitoring postings here over high school gossip the less time I can spend with family and students. You can view show trailers for "Pathfinder Outdoor Journal" as well as other educational videos here:https://www.youtube.com/user/wildernessoutfitters

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