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SBS Backup y la recalcadisima ·$%&"·$!!!!

Existen los milagros, pero son mas faciles de lo que uno supone...

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19 Aug 2009 11:37
I think I have a fix for you.
Although this post is quite old, I couldnt find a fix when I searched for an answer. Hopefully this will help others.
I had the same problem with a NAS device that wasn't part of the Domain.
I could add a local username and password in the web GUI of the NAS, and could connect to it from the SBS server when I gave it the local NAS username and password credentials.
Now, If you go into the control panel of the SBS server and open the "Stored Username and Passwords" icon, you can add the NAS device name and the username and password to connect to it. Now everytime when you want to browse to the NAS device you wont get prompted for a username and password because windows will automatically pass it through. To test it fully you should log off and back on again, then browse again to the NAS device. Now you shouldnt be prompted for any username and password.
The big problem come up when the scheduled backup job runs. The SBS wizard uses the BackupRunner.exe program to start the NTbackup job. It causes the NTbackup job to run using the "SBS Backup User" (named "Backup User" in Active Directory). This account name is disabled and has a strong random password. The backuprunner.exe program changes the password then enables the account and runs the NTbackup job with the "Backup user" credentials.
So... what you need to do is change the password for the "Backup User", Enable the account, Log on to the server as the backup user (the username will be "SBS Backup User") set up the credentials in the "Stored Username and Passwords" place in the control panel, TEST YOU CAN ACCESS THE NAS SHARE, log off, Log back onto the server as the administrator (or what ever you used before), disable the "Backup User" account again and test it works by clicking the 'run now' from the task scheduler or from in the SBS backup console.
Mine worked fine.

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  1. No lo podía creer cuando leí ese foro. Me alegro por lo que significa. A veces se cumple el dicho re gastado: "Los milagros no existen, pero que los hay, los hay". No era éste el dicho pero no importa, viene bien ahora.